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Who we are

"Il Mandorletto" has its roots in a millenary culture, in a Sicily that, defined as the land of almond trees in bloom, has seen the spread of this fruit since ancient times, when the Arabs introduced the habit of preparing honey-based sweets and dried fruit.

The company was founded in 2016 thanks to the enthusiasm of Antonio and Luigi who, animated by the passion for agriculture and the desire to do, undertake the cultivation of almonds with great commitment in the territory of the small town of Maletto (CT), from which paired with the name of the fruit, the name of "Mandorletto" will then be born.


Located on the slopes of Etna, “Il Mandorletto” cultivates the Tuono quality sweet almond, an almond that acquires rare and unique organoleptic properties thanks to the volcanic territory rich in minerals in which it is processed.

Today the Sicilian almond is one of the most appreciated products in the world, and it is thanks to the traditional method of cultivation, characteristic of the "Mandorletto", that it is possible to obtain fruits characterized by the authenticity and true flavors that the Etna terroir gives us.

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