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Almonds from Etna

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Our almonds

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Pack of 250 g

With a refined design, ideal for those who love originality.

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Pack of 28 g

Versatile, a snack always at hand.


Pack of 500 or 1000 g

For those who never want to be without, at home, in the pastry shop, in the ice cream parlor.

250 g packs display

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"Il Mandorletto" has its roots in a millenary culture, in a Sicily which, defined as the land of almond trees in bloom , has seen the spread of this fruit since ancient times, when the Arabs introduced the habit of preparing honey-based sweets. and fresh fruit.


Traditional quality


The almond of our territory, compared to all the other varieties, is less rich in oil and richer in proteins.

Its beneficial properties for the health and well-being of the body are manifold.

Method of cultivation

and collection

icone titoli_Tavola disegno 1 copia

Among all the Almond trees, the Thunder is one of

those that bloom later.

This characteristic is well suited to the climatic conditions that characterize our almond grove which, located at 800 meters above sea level, is exposed to the risk of early spring frosts.


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